Panasonic or Pioneer, for plasma convert


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Until recently i have always brought LCD tv's, and at present have 2 samsung's ; 40A656 in the living-room and the 40M86 in the dinning room, each with it's own Sky+HD box.
Wanting to upgrade in the near future and reading all the problems associated with the new LED technology my interest has shifted to plasma's - more specifically the new 42'' V10 from Panasonic, which has had very good reviews ( i have seem the G10 demoed briefly - Very nice indeed ! ).
My question is three-fold a). Is the V10 a better display to go for compared to the older 8G 42'' Pioneers ( if i could track one down ). b). Would either be a big enough upgrade over the A646 Samsung, which i have had now for 10 months and i must say HD images are sometimes stunning, with the right material ( Transformers, 300, The dark Knight on blue ray ). c). With my viewing distance being 8ft is 42" the ideal size of screen or could i squeeze to 46", as i watch as much HD as possible on Sky, my Bluray collection is expanding monthly and i mainly rent Blueray movies weekly, my Blueray player at present is a Playstation3 which i brought sometime ago solely for Blueray and not for gaming.
My plan is to put the new tv in the living room and relegate the A656 to the dinning room and then sell the M87.
Your help would be much appreciated.:thumbsup:


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I doubt very much that theres a better 40-42 tv than the V10 at the moment,while your sammy A656 is a very good set i would defo upgrade to the V10 if i had the chance,as your a blu ray lover as well the V10 will be the idea set with its THX mode for movies,go for it you wont be disappointed:thumbsup:.


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For watching HD content I would say that the V10 is better than the 8G Kuros (which are better for SD content). You you should (for HD viewing) squeeze in a 46" model, but I don't think there's going to be a 46" V10, just the G10...or the Z1 :D


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I agree the 46V10 is a good option.

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