Panasonic old Video/DVD connect to Panasonic LED TV ?


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I've come across a similar thread recently but it is still confusing to me whether I have compatible signals !

I have a Panasonic TX-50HX820B (2020) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 50 inch with Freeview Play & Dolby Atmos purchased in 2020.

I would like to connect my 15yr old Panasonic DMR-EH80VEB Video/DVD Recorder so that I can play some old videos.

Would a scart to HDMI cable do the trick, or do I have to connect via video/audio phono-type cables, or are the two not compatible ?

The recorder has an analogue tuner, so I believe I leave the digital roof aerial antenna going into the TV anyway - in the 'old days' this would be routed via the recorder to the TV.

One step at a time - if I can get this to work then I have a younger DVD player (that can play the small discs too) that I want to 'plumb' in as well !

Any help most appreciated ! If it would be simpler and cost effective to get some other video player (don't need record function) and connect that up that would be fine, and dispose of the old one !

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SCART to HDMI cable - whilst you can purchase them they are a non standard cable which only work for a very few devices and are best avoided as they can cause damage to kit that is not designed to use them.

SCART carries analogue video with audio and HDMI is digital you would require a processor/converter box of some type to connect the two devices, converters can cost £50 or a few thousand £.

JS Technology have an affordable option which supports SCART RGB (which is the best quality your player/recorder delivers) - SCART to HDMI Converter - J.S. Technology Ltd



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Gosh, that looks terrific to me Joe and makes sense to me and will do the job.
Seems they are out of stock at the moment and I think they are offering a single input, rather than the double (which would suit my extra one needing to connect also) - maybe there would be another double somewhere else which I will search for now - many thanks


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You can also use your TV's AV in Component/Composite video RCA Phono inputs at little to no cost if you have some cables lying around.
A scart to RCA Phono cable like this will work and I doubt the picture quality will be much worse compared to a Scart-HDMI Convertor.
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