Panasonic NVMX500B & Techtronics.com


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I'm looking to buy the NVMX500 camcorder - has had very good reviews and although list appears to be about £1450, techtronics.com are doing it for £899 + VAT.

Has anyone =one had any experience of either? Cheers


I have had a play with the MX500 and it's a very tasty piece of kit. My main complaint is that it doesn't look as good (IMO) as the MX350 (it's predecessor). It certainly has all the bells and whistles that you could want.

Sorry, I can't help with Techtronics, but I have seen a number of postings on this site regarding them. Try searching and see what others have said.


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Thanks for that - at least its a positive note on the camcorder - I'll have to try another search for Techtronics then - obviously I hadn't asked quite the right question because I couldn't find too much on them before.



With regards to "techtronics" I bought my panasonic GS5 from them in June. Ordered it online after asking a question via email first.
The reply to the email was swift, to the point and very informative.
Delivery took about a week, which I know others can beat. (People have been praising Letsgodigital.co.uk for their next day delivery recently)

Having said that they were actualy £4 more expensive than letsgodigital.co.uk but threw in a spare battery and 3 blank tapes worth £35'ish.

Nothings ever gone wrong with the camcorder so I can't comment on their aftersales service etc etc.

You have to watchout because, as you've spotted, their prices don't inc VAT.

Oh and delivery was included.

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