Panasonic NVHD830 pic probs anyone?



I bought a Panny 830 from Currys last week and am bitterly disappointed by the picture quality (

I bought it because I was fooled into believing the '60% better picture quality' and 'best for widescreen' blurbs on the box. In reality I can't really see much difference between VHS and SVHS mode at all and colours blur well outside the boundaries of the item it's associated with. This is despite me using a TDK SVHS tape and an SVHS connection lead into the TV. I thought SVHS wasn't mean to suffer like this?

How are other people's 830's shaping up?

Currys have been totally unhelpful and said they wouldn't take it back.
I've not tried mine in SVHS mode yet - I'm just using IXOS scarts and normal TDK VHS tapes. When i get the chance I will give it a try and let you know.
Very good quality on mine. did a copy of Ai onto a S-VHS tape and it was fantastic, almost dare I say it DVD quality.
That was a very very brave thing to say!!!! Are you the man in red in the latest strongbow advert?

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