Panasonic NVGS11B Web Camera function


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I got a Panasonic NVGS11B this Saturday - just trying it out.

Nothing to compare it to so dont know if its any good.

Anyway, it has a web camera driver but this only works on Windows XP.

Does anyone know a way to get it it to work on Windows 2000 (if possible)?

When I try to install the driver it doesnt let me...



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I got it from Jessops - they price matched prcdirect - £315.00

If you can find it cheaper now, I dont want to know...:)

24x zoom swung it -

i was really wanting the trv14 but its discontinued (that had a 1/4 inch CCD, but all the budget camcorders now use 1/6 inch CCD)


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thanks - you'll be glad to hear I couldn't find it cheaper than that!

so how is the camera - I think i will buy it too - my only concern is that other "budget" camera I have played with have had a lot of noise from the motor recored on to the tape - have you found this to be a problem with this camera?


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I dont notice any motor noise.

This is my first camcorder, so i dont have anything to compare it with.

I find the picture a bit grainy in indoors recording (Room lit by 60W bulb only) (which is what i mainly use it for at the moment) and I have seen the autofocus hunt around a bit a couple of times in this low light. There is a LED light feature which I havent played with much but might help (I dont see how as the light it gives is minimal!)

It could be that all budget camcorders are like this, so dont take this as a negative review. I found it very intuitive to use - hardly had to look at the manual to get started.

I transferred footage to PC via firewire no problem although the cover for the DV output seems a bit flimsy. Saying that, Build quality isnt bad - the Sony I had a look at was better quality but that was £342.

24x zoom is impressive havent really needed to use it yet.

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