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Panasonic NV HS 830 BS

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Footsie, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. Footsie

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    Jan 5, 2003
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    I've tried three of these Panasonic 830 SVHS decks and, in my opinion, every single one suffers from a serious fault. This is an SVHS deck, and as such it will be bought by people seeking better quality than they're used to with standard VHS. But the quality of the picture on each of the three I've tried has been awful. In particular, the level of grain is much worse than my standard VHS Panasonic 610 B, bought about four years ago. The grain is very obvious on a 28" Sony widescreen from 3-4 metres.

    I bought the first 830 from Empire Direct. After seeing the picture, I assumed it must be faulty and sent it back. I ordered a replacement from a different internet retailer, as I wondered if Empire might have got hold of a faulty batch. But the replacement was just as bad. By this stage, I'd read some good reviews and What Video have I believe just awarded it a 'Best Buy'. I phoned Panasonic and they confirmed that the picture should be of the same standard as my 610 on normal VHS and the 830 should make substantially better recordings in SVHS.

    So I had one more go. I bought a third 830 from a local shop, paying £35 more than on the internet, but under the understanding that if I wasn't happy I could take it right back. I've just returned, refund in hand.

    I'm using a good quality screened fully wired SCART, I've tried it in both SCART sockets of two different TVs, under S video and composite, with prerecorded tapes and recordings made on this deck, from digital satellite, internal tuner and Hi8 camcorder. In each case, and in each of the three decks, the problem has been the same - very noticeable grain.

    I've been told by all the retailers that they've never had problems with this deck with anyone else, implying that I'm either nuts or have a dodgy set up. But my set up works fine with DVD, Sky, X Box, Hi 8 and mini DV camcorder and with my old 610 video. Plus I've tried the 830 on both my tellies - a Sony KV28Ws2U and Philips 24PW6407.

    So, question - has anyone else had problems with this deck?

    As an aside, recordings I made on the 830 played back fine on the 610. So I suspect Panasonic may have cut a few corners in the output section of the 830. If this is true, I don't like it at all, as it smacks of dodgy marketing, selling a poor quality deck as a high quality model on the basis of the SVHS and SVHS ET features.

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