Panasonic NV-GX7 playback problem


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Hi There
I have a NVGX7 which has suddenly developed a problem
Often it will not play back a tape in VCR mode.
The '>' play symbol flashes briefly & then goes out. It also does not rewind. Sometimes turning it on & off a couple of times clears it.
I have tried a number of tapes & it behaves the same on all.
It records perfectly every time, and always plays & rewinds when controlled from the computer editing software.
Has anyone had a sismlar experience or has any ideas what the problen could be?




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My NV-GX7 has developed this problem after many years of faultless service. In VCR mode playback cuts out after a few seconds or minutes of use, other functions work perfectly.

Has anybody had experience of this fault or the likely financial implications of sending it for repair?

Many thanks

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