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    Hi :hiya:

    Please can I have some advice.I have at present a Panasonic NV-DS55 palmcorder. I use it mainly for my interest in dog Obedience and agility in both outdoor and indoors and I use it in total auto mode--point and shoot. I often have to let other people use the camcorder to film me so it has to be easy.

    I then edit onto my PC using pinnacle studio 8 and once I have the edited tape back on tape I burn straight to my DVD home recorder.

    I am looking at the NV-GS55 because of its size but I am also tempted with the NV-GS120 both of which I can get at a very good price--The GS55 at less than £350 and the GS120 at £450
    Will I notice a big difference in picture from my present palmcorder to the newer GS55? Will the 3 ccd of the 120 mean that white balance will have to be performed each time its used and therefore make it difficult for other users or can it be set to auto.

    We also now have a plasma TV in one room which obviously shows up more imperfections so should this also be an issue.

    Sorry for the long post but I am really undecided.
    Oh yes one other thing does anyone know the resolution of my present DS55 ? Is it lower than the newer model?



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