Panasonic NV-GS120 - WebCam Mode


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:mad: :lease:
Has ANYBODY ever got this working in Webcam mode with WinXP and MSM Messenger.

Despite everythign it just sends a black screen to the PC when connected in USB mode... and Yes it's all USB2 inputs and decent kit...

Can't be bothered buying a webcam for occassional use but i might have..daft though cos according to the manual this supports it...

Help guys/girls?


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Far as I can see no-one can make this work ..and panasonic are just crap in term sof support for this. Have mailed and heard nothing... not sure what point you were making in last 2 comments there ...


I can assure you it does work in MSN Messenger with a Panasonic camcorder - I do it regularly.


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Beejaycee said:
I can assure you it does work in MSN Messenger with a Panasonic camcorder - I do it regularly.
The GS120 via WebCam mode over USB2 connection? Mine is just a fkn black screen....:mad: and others have nboted the same...u recall anything special u did...?


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Here's the official panasonic response...haven't tried it yet but this might make sense...
From Panasonic
In order to provide you with a full response, I have taken the opportunity
to consult with our resident technical support advisors. They have
explained that the webcam function on the NV-GS250 is designed to work with
Windows messenger version 5.0 (not MSN messenger). It will need to be
installed on Windows XP (service pack1 onwards). Both parties that want to
view or send the webcam will need to be using the same messenger version.
If the webcam still does not operate then please try and re-install the
drivers on the computer. Please also make sure that the camcorder is not
connected to a USB HUB.

The webcam on earlier models was designed to work with Microsoft

If you have loaded service pack 2 then the camcorder should work with MSN
messenger 6.2 onwards. However instead of clicking on the webcam button you
will need to select ‘Start video conference’ from the drop down menus.

To test the streaming capabilities of the camcorder, double click on the
webcam icon in ‘My computer’ it should then show a preview. Please contact
the PC manufacturer if this function still does not operate on your

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