Panasonic NV-GS1 ???



I am a total & utter novice & have never owned any sort of camcorder at all.

I am thinking of buying this from but have a few queries that I hope you guys can answer.

1) It doesnt come with leads, and says USB/RS232C ,Bluetooth adaptability - I have a USB port but I am sure I read earlier firewire is the way. Does this mean I have no way of transferring data quickly

2) How much will leads cost me?? askdirect have software+leads as a £169 bundle. I only want leads I think??? I am sure there must be some alternative software.

3)I want this mainly to record my now 11month old sons first Xmas/birthday/growing up etc -is it any good for that. I will probably want to burn VCD to play on DVD player

4) I only have a celron 366 with 128mb RAM & 24gb hard drive -do I need to upgrade? If so, what is min spec?

5)If this cam is not ideal for me ,can someone suggest an alternative in the £350-£450 range?





Not an expert, but I'll share what I've read / experienced.

With a DV camera you'll need a firewire card installed (cost £20-£40 to buy.....I'm cureently searching for the best buy)

I've just ordered the same camera from for £399 incl next day delivery. The camera is more than up to the job you want :)

As for the spec of your PC, from what I reas elsewhere it should be enough. Best to buy the firewire card & try it out. If you need a new PC you'll still need the card anyway

Good luck

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