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Panasonic NV-DS65


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I have been given a camcorder and I cannot get it to be viewed on my Win7 64bit. I have the firewire linked up, but I cannot see any drivers to download anywhere. I want to use the video recorder for a group I am with https://www.youtube.com/user/jetprovostxs186?feature=watch
Is there any way I can get it working. Otherwise I have to throw it in the bin, which is the last resort.

Hope you can help



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Thank you I will have a look and see if it resolves it.


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Right click on "computer" then Properties then Device Manager. Half way down you should see "IEEE1394 Bus Host Controllers". Click on the little arrow and, hopefully, you will see "1394 OCHI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)" This is the one you want - I hope!


Just to mention that the firewire drivers are built into Windows (and have been since Win98SE) so none need to be installed to get a firewire device communicating with a PC. However as Terfyn mentions you may need to force it to use the Legacy driver as by default it will use the newer driver that often doesn't work reliably with older devices :facepalm:
The one exception to the drivers is if using firewire on the motherboard, in which case you will need the motherboards chipset drivers installed - but these should be anyway.

Details on driver swapping - Sony Camcorder | AVForums



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That link appear to be Aircraft-Restoration - is that what you plan to film? ( ie this will be recording a long-term project)

Frankly, I think you should soon Budget for a modern camcorder as sensors/lenses have improved and a SDHC memory-card camcorder is so much easier to Edit, as most PC have a card-reader. Also, most TV's are widescreen format now, so a modern camcorder will fit and reproduce better, too.
If you Budget low, say under £300, then you may have to keep back, ....but a little more money and you can get-in close, which helps make the resulting Movie more interesting . . . . you are "Telling a Story" after all. Also many camcorders can take high-res. stills, so these can be used in newsletters, emails etc. where a still from a video will be grainy/blocky if enlarged.
In confined spaces a "Magic Arm" will be invaluable to support the camcorder and make the image steady. Use a tripod is normally the Rule, but not in confined spaces!

Good luck, hope you get the Firewire going.

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