Panasonic NV-DS30 or JVC GR-DVL365



Having narrowed my search for an entry level DV Camcorder down to these two models does anyone have any suggestions as to which one is best


my nvds 30 has just arrived and its fantastic, an amazing piece of kit 4 the price (well what i paid haha)

just need to get a tripod and i'm good. oh and loads of cables, panasonic don't feel it nesasery to include all cables, so i have to go out ans spend £20 on a cable to attach it to my pc to copy the footage accross. never mind.

i was gonna get the jvc myself, but the panny is so much better, i only founf out it ahd a remote when i opened the box, and u can take stills with it and 7 second little clips, it also has lots of digital effects built in, the light on the front of the cam is great works well together with the o lux, which is also fantastic.

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