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Panasonic - new Tx-32DTX11 vs old TX-32DTX40

Discussion in 'TVs' started by moopig, May 29, 2005.

  1. moopig

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    May 29, 2005
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    Bristol, UK
    I have been looking for a new TV for a couple years now but haven't seen one that really takes my fancy. Initially, after reading magazine reviews, I decided to go for a Panasonic TX-32PD30 because it was the best CRT TV ever. However, after actually seeing a few on display in shops I would say that the picture is truly abominable. The same applies to the 'PD50. In fact, most TVs with the lots of expensive "picture enhancement", digital or analogue, look dreadful to me (OK, maybe Philips' PixelPlus isn't so bad). I don't watch all that much TV so I gave up and made do with my ancient 14" monitor for another few years...

    Now the old monitor is dead and I'm looking for a TV again. To my great surprise, a Panasonic TX-28DTX11 (a 100Hz 28" integrated digital widescreen) had one of the better pictures in two TV showrooms I visited, and it's priced quite reasonably. Ufortunately the cheapskates at Panasonic have decided to fit it with only 2 SCARTS, only 1 of which is RGB. I have 7 devices - 5 RGB, 1 composite - to connect to my TV and the lack of SCARTS is a real problem. But the 'DTX11 is the replacement for the old 'DTX40, which had 4 SCARTS and got rave reviews in all the magazines.

    Now here's my problem. The 'DTX40 is discontinued and out of stock just about everywhere, but I have found a few still available via the internet. Although I have been looking for some time I have never seen a 'DTX40 "in the flesh", and I'm now extremely reluctant to buy based on rave reviews in magazines and a hope that it will be similar to a different model which I have actually seen.

    Can anyone tell me:

    1. Is the 'DTX40 picture similar to the 'DTX11 in terms of nasty picture processing artefacts?

    2. Apart from SCARTs and screen size, are there any other significant differences between the two?

    3. How well do these 100Hz sets cope with game consoles (via RGB)?

    I will be using the RGB SCART input almost exclusively.



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