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Some time ago, I was looking at buying a camcorder. I didn't actually get round to it, so more recently I picked up the couple of magazines that I'd bought at the time ('What Camcorder' was one of them !), and started looking again. Now, I am totally confused !!

After some looking about in the mags and on the web, I decided that I very much liked the look of the Panasonic MX8. Of course, when I actually try and buy one I find that it's now a discontinued model ! This is annoying in itself, but what's more frustrating is that it seems to have been replaced by new models that (in my "don't know what I'm talking about" opinion) are not as good. I refer to the MX7 and the GX7. There's nothing particularly wrong with these new models, as far as my tiny brain can tell (though finding a review of the GX7 is proving impossible), but they just don't seem to quite match the 'old' MX8 with its excellent lens, optical image stabilizer, excellent image quality, etc etc. I wonder if Panasonic found that the MX8 was just not commercially viable; ie - it was too good for the price it was being sold for, and/or it had to go so that the price of the MX350 could be reduced.

If anyone knows where I can get an MX8, I would be very grateful (I realise I may as well be asking the whereabouts of the ark of the covenant here). If anyone can shed any light on why it seems to have been replaced by less capable models, or if someone can tell me that I'm wrong in this assessment, then I would be very pleased to hear also.

Panasonic model numbers seem to be a mystery to me - the MX350 is now 'old', and has been replaced by
the MX500, yet everyone seems to be still selling the 350 but nobody is selling the 500 ! Why ? Is the 500 only available outside the UK ?


You can still get the NV-MX8 from NZ. Camera & Camera sell them, although I'm not sure what the story would be with an overseas delivery. Telephone number would be +64-9-303-1879 or +64-800-422-263. Listed price is $NZ3499 (\ucc translates as 1073 quid.).

I agree with you regarding MX-8 quality. It's an excellent piece of kit.

Good luck

Chris 'kiwiranger' Parke


Thanks for the poiner, but I think the cost of getting stuff from NZ back to Euroland is probably not worth it. It's also rather more than I was hoping to spend - the MX8 was available in the UK for just under 800 quid a few months back.

This is SO annoying !


I agree, the Panasonic MX8 is an outstanding camcorder. It's a shame it's discontinued!!!!

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