Panasonic MPEG4 on Pocket PC ?



With my Panasonic DVD-recorder I am able to record a film directly in MPEG4 on a SD card.
This works fine, however, when I plug the SD card into my Pocket PC ( Qtek 2020 ) I see video, but I don't hear any audio ???

Does someone know the solution to this problem ?

I use Windows Media Player for PPC version 9.


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Just as an update I notice Panasonic recommend installing RealPlayer as well - might be prudent to try that first.


Thanks for the quick reply !
I first try the Realplayer.

Is that a Realplayer especially designed for Pocket PC ?

Or is it the "normal" realplayer for Windows ?


Problem solved !

With "Betaplayer" : :smashin:

Here's the link, so that maybe I can help other people with the same problem:

Anyway, thanks Rasczak !

Maybe I'll install the realplayer also, but for the moment, everything is working just fine.


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I have some questions regarding recording using MPEG4.

(1) Can you record something in MPEG2 on the HDD/DVD and then convert it to MPEG4?
(2) Can you only record MPEG4 onto the SD card or onto HDD/DVD as well?
(3) What is the quality of MPEG4 when viewed on a handheld display such as yours?
(4) How much space does MPEG4 use? i.e. how much recording time do you get on a
a 512Mb/1Gb SD card?


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1. You can convert MPEG2 recordings on the hard disc to MPEG4

2. You cannot record only MPEG4 to the SD card. You can simultaneously record MPEG2 and MPEG4 to the HDD and then transfer the MPEG4 to the SD card.

3. Pretty awful but if you really want to watch something on the move or that you have deleted as an MPEG2 but is still stored as an MPEG4 it is better than nothing.

4. I can't answer this but have had trouble using a 512MB card. The Panasonic was happy with it but when I tried it on the PC, it had all sorts of errors. I suspect it may be the codec on the PC so I can't blame the Panny or the Card yet!


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3. I don't think the quality is that bad as I record MPEG4 on my E100 and play it back on my Panasonic SV-AV50 D-Snap camera.

4. General rule of thumb is about 1Mb/per min, but it really depends on the compression mode used i.e. fine/normal/economy etc.

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