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Dear all,

Can anyone recommend a supplier for a mounting bracket for my Panasonic PWD6?

Ive got quite a tricky installation. I intend to wall mount the display so I want a wall mount bracket that keeps the screen as close to the wall as possible.

However, wall is plasterboard then a 5cm gap then breeze block. So what I was intending to do was to put rawl bolts into the breeze block and then use studding to cover the 5cm gap and come out the other side of the plaster board.

Because of this I need a bracket that has nice big holes in the four corners which I can put around 10 to 12mm studding through.

Can anyone recommend such a product?

Sorry if Im in the wrong area of the forum!



check out the Powerbuys section - there is a Plasma bracket that may suit your needs in there.



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Is that the universal bracket from av-sales?


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I dont think thats going to do the job. I need something where the mounting holes are large (say 10-12mm) and are at the far left/right extents of the bracket.

I have flu breeze blocks running up the centre of the installation that the bracket needs to fit around. Ive had a good look on the net and cant see anything that will fit the purpose.

Does anyone have experience of building or buying custom brackets?


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Not quite sure what you mean when you describe why you need large holes in the bracket, but firstly, whats up with the standard Panny bracket? - I know it may be expensive compared to some but it does mount the screen nearer the wall than most of the universal ones and surely you can drill larger holes in the slots that are all around the edge of this bracket?

Secondly, I fitted my plasma (using Panny standard bracket) to a wall exactly as you describe. I used the expanding wall bolts that just leave a threaded rod sticking out of the wall. I drilled a large hole into the plasterboard to enable installation of each bolt then installed 3 along the top of the bracket and 3 along the bottom. Then cut some small lengths of thin metal piping to go over the threaded rods so that when you tighten the nuts they are tightening against the blocks not the plasterboard/gap. Then just put the bracket onto the threaded rods, put the nuts on and tightened and finally cut off the excess threaded rod.

Hope this makes sense and may help you out?


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Thanks for the info.

Ive attached a rough and not to scale diagram of my wall. The top of the image shows a top down view of the wall. As you can see I have flu blocks that I cant drill into so my bracket must fit *around* these blocks. Red arrows show this.

The bottom of the picture shows as if you are looking at the wall and the red square is the proposed location of the bracket. The red dots are proposed locations of the fixings.

I dont think its going to be possible to put (looking at the brackets on the market) more that four fixings into the wall. Also im a bit worried that with my 5cm gap between the wall and the plasma whether the weight will put to much downward load the fixings.

I like the idea however of putting pipe around the studding so that the bracket presses against that. I think the bottom line is that I am only going to be able to use four fixings looking at most brackets on the market and have concerns wether this will support the weight.


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The flat-bracket I have has slots down both sides so you could put 3 bolts in down each side which may help:

But 5cm is actually quite a big gap (a lot more than I had) so you are right to be a bit concerned - personally I think I would cut a slot in the pasterboard at each side and then mount studwork to the blocks with as many bolts as you see fit, (so the studwork is flush with the existing plasterboard, then mount your screen to the new studwork.

Gonna be a bit messy and hassle to do but it won't show once it's done and it should be very secure.


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I think you are right, Ill remeasure the 5cm gap at the weekend and take a view on that. I may be over-egging it.

I think the idea about mounting stud work behind the plaster is a really good idea though and Id given this some consideration.

If I use rawl bolts to secure the stud work to the wall I presume I can then just use large wood screws to mount the bracket to the stud work.

Perhaps what I could do is put in the four rawls as discussed with exposed threads covering my 5cm gap. However Ill also put wood work into the walls and secure that to the walls as well. Ill put wholes though this so my threads from the existing rawls will come through.

So now I get four secure fixings and also wood battons in the wall to put in additional fixings. Should make it quite strong. Plaster over and hopefully you wont notice!


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I think fixing the studwork to the blocks and the bracket to the studwork may be best - just that you don't want to put too many bolts into the blocks as you could weaken the blocks like that. You can mount the studwork so the bolts are in the center of the blocks, and then you can mount your bracket without worrying about exactly where it sits in relation to the blocks.

Also you can put plenty of screws into the studwork to distribute the weight (say 4 each side). But that's assuming you do have a 5cm gap which will enable decent size screws.

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