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Dave Ward

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Hi all this is my first post and I hope I don't get it wrong. A simple question. Is the extra cost of the 42" high resolution PHW6 worth it over the PW6


Dave Ward,

You don't say where you are from.

As far as I am aware you can't get the Panasonic PHW6 in the UK.

You would have to import one.

The difference in the panel is that the PHW6 is a HD panel and therefore will excel with High definition broadcasts / HD video and so on although, I don't believe the picture quality for lower definition is supposed to be as good as the standard low def panel (PW6).

If its future proofing your after then yes it may be worth the extra.
For the current UK market then probably not worth the trouble.

Dave Ward

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Hi cmo,

I live in Germany where the both high and low res panels are available. It will mainly be used for DVD and Sky. My assumption was that more pixels = better definition.

Anyone else have some experience of this?


Others have stated that they believe higher definition can often lead to a softening of the image. Im more of a projector man, but I dont subscribe to resolution increases. My feeling is that there are other factors that are just as important and often ignored. Contrast ratio for instance. As far as im aware, the high def Pannys are not as good as the low.


Dave Ward

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Hi Buns,

You are correct the PHW6 is listed at only 3000:1 compared to 4000:1 for the PW6



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Checkout - there a literally hundreds of threads on SD vs HD Panny plasmas...

I personally demo'd both and couldn't justify the extra cost of the HD picturewise, especially as most UK material is SD.


Joe Fernand

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As others have said on SD material there's not much to choose between the PWD6 and the PHD6 - though the PHD6 does display less 'solarisation/banding' with lower quality signals.

Looking further ahead to the arrival of HD and if you start to use your PC with the Display then the HD makes more sense.

Best regards


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