Panasonic M70 DVD-RAM problems

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    Hi, I'm having problems with my Panasonic M70 DVD-camcorder and was hoping for a little advice. I got a Panasonic M70 DVD-Video Recorder and it came with the 1 DVD-RAM Disc so I learned how to transfer the video onto my HDD and then onto a regular DVD disc using TMPGenc DVD Author 1.6. My father just came back from a trip and he bought a few more DVD-RAM discs so he could record on them all, and now theyre pretty cheap too, but when I try to transfer the video almost nothing comes up. Instead of having a few different "Program" files(they are a bunch of different videos) when using TMPGenc DVD Author 1.6 with the time and file size listed; it has those program files but with the time at 0min00secs and 0mb. When i try to copy those selected program files, it says 'List Index out of Range'. Is there anything I can do to get this video onto my computer, because there is alot! Thanks!
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    Don't have any easy answers on this one I'm afraid - I have little to no experience with DVD-RAM camcorders. We can work through a few possibilities though.

    Do you have a PC DVD burner (RAM write compatible?). The reason I ask is because it is possible you may just have too many titles for TMPG encoder to recognise (I believe the maximum may be 99). The solution here is to delete stuff - but as you obviously don;t want to do that you can use your PC as a temporary disc. Copy the contents of the DVD-RAM to your PC HDD. Then copy back onto a different DVD-RAM. On this new disc use the camcorder edit features (I assume it has them) to delete three-quarters of your footage. Now try importing. If it works repeat the process until you have all the footage imported. Obviously if you don't have a PC DVD-RAM writer then this isn't an option.

    A second option then is to try a different programme. Ulead offer VR compatible products with which you may have more luck. You can find there site here:
    Most of their programmes have trial periods so you won't have to buy anything that doesn't work.

    To be honest that is about all the advice I am able to offer on this subject. There may be a simple workaround I am unaware of so I suggest re-posting your problem in the Camcorder Forum. Failing that the Digital Video Forum is the internet's definitive source for digital video advice - odds are one of the senior members there will be able to assist.

    Let us know how you get on!

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