Panasonic LX9 Portable Player - Max volume too low - options?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by woodcycl, Sep 29, 2004.

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    We purchased a Panasonic DVD LX-9 after several months of reading reviews, reviewing this forum, and finding as many players as possible at local retailers for viewing, etc.

    We are quite happy with the LX9 with one glowing exception --> The maximum volume level is so LOW that when playing in a car, you cannot hear it unless you are within a foot or two of the speaker or have headphones. This is quite disappointing given the pricetag (I think it was around $950 with extra battery).

    Has anyone else noticed this? What are our options? Has anyone had a Electronics store wire-up the car speakers so that the player can feed the sound thru the car's system? Are there boosters for the volume possibly?

    Any feedback is very much appreciated.

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    Your options are:

    1) Set of external powered speakers running via a 12V car adapater or batteries
    2) A 3.5 mm jack to tape convertor (can get wireless ones), assuming you still have a tape drive in your car. Look for iPod car accessories, they will work fine.
    3) Hooking up a dedicated cable (most likely a 2 phono cable to 3.5 mm jack) from your car stereo to where ever you want the dvd player. This is depedant on your car stereo having at least one set of aux ports, other wise you will have to replace the car stereo for one that does.

    I've listed the above cheapest and easiest first.

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