Panasonic Lumix TZ5 or Canon G9


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Im not sure which is good for me i want to take nice pictures,I dont really want to mess around with alot of settings would i get a good bright picture with the panasonic or is the G9 going to be the best one,I will be taking familly pictures.:)

Edit: I will be taking alot of pictures indoors with quite low light.
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Panasonic has a better review in most places, photos have less fringing and are good all the way to the edge. Remember, panasonic use Leica lenses, possibly the best on the market. I am just about to buy the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150, worth a look:thumbsup:


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I can't speak for the Canon but I have the TZ3 and it's a cracking little camera. Image quality is outstanding for the price. And the 10x optical zoom is a huge bonus.

Niggles? The absence of any full manual control can be limiting - but only occasionally. I believe the G9 has better control in this respect, but doesn't have the Panny's zoom capability. And I've found that taking pictures at gigs is a bit frustrating - mainly down to the lack of manual control.You have to play around with the ISO settings and image pre-sets to try and get the best pics.

I considered the G9 at the time but decided the extra zoom capability of the Panny outweighed the manual controls of the G9. Plus it's better looking and a more compact and a little bit cheaper (or it was at the time).

Here's some I've taken on the TZ3


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