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I understand the panasonic line up runs like so:

VT30 - ultra high end
U30? - bottom end
C3B - last years model in new chassis

Do the G3/ST/GT/VT use the same panel?

Also looking back through the generations, was this the same line up style for 20 and 10?

Would a high end 20 beat a low end 30?

I am looking to buy a panny plasma from Bestbuy sale and want to make sure I know what I am getting.



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VX300 premium
VT30 top end
GT30 upper mid
ST30 mid
G30 mid(top 2D)
S30 lower mid
UT30 low(entry 3D)
U30 low
C3 entry level

S30 up have latest panel, ST30 improved filter(not got the calibrarion options of the G30, worth noting) GT30 has improved filter, extra calibration functions of the G30 + more features, PQ is improved over the ST30 and you get both freeview and freesat tuners. VT30 has a darker filter than the GT30 helping produce a slightly deeper black level, the light output is reduced by this though. Some like the one sheet of glass look, you get a sub helping improve sound, extra calibration options on top of the GTs set(most if not all extra features dont do as they should) colour reproduction is improved and wifi dongle comes with the set. The VX is a premium model.

Worth noting lag is lower on the lower end sets in the range.
For full details on differances do a comparison on the Panasonic UK site and read the reviews.
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Would a high end 20 beat a low end 30?
There's not a huge difference between the VT20 and VT30 in terms of PQ. If you could choose, I'd probably go with the VT20 if you could get it even over the VT30 as things stand today.

The entire 2011 series from Panasonic has been haunted by the rather infamous green patch issue, so I gave up on that. The VT20 on the other hand has the "floating blacks" issue, but many don't really see it and I would choose the floating blacks over the green patches any day.

Another issue with the VT20 is that it will lose some of its black level as the set ages, but even after its final rise it will have deeper blacks than any competing tv, so a non-issue really. If you can still source a VT20, I'm also convinced you'll be able to make a good deal on that :)


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I saw an 'aged' VT20 in a demo room yesterday and it still had better blacks than the GT30 and VT30 next to it.

I was surprised to say the least.


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VX300 premiere theatre display, 65" only, 30 bit processing, nutter 12k gradation high speed 3D panels

VX200 premiere theatre display, 85" and 103" 24 bit processing 8k gradation 3D panels

BT300 broadcast professional panels. 42" and 50" only. 24 bit processing, but also the 12k gradation high speed 3D glass

PF30 broadcast professional panels. 42" thru to 103" 6k gradation 3D pro panels

Then VT30 is the top end of the Viera range. From here downwards you don't get commercial grade power supplies, video processors, input boards etc etc. For example take 50" Viera VT30, 50" Pro PF30 and 50" Pro Broadcast BT300 they weigh respectively 31Kg, 33Kg, 34Kg. Yet the 31Kg Viera also straps in two tuners, a handful more inputs, two speakers. Just not the build quality


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Man way too many different models, I am hoping to upgrade from lovely 42phd8 panel to something that's 65" would that be the b300 or of?? I just wanted über pic quality after calibration.

Still surprises me when i am told that my phd8 has better pic quality than the latest and great LCD screens my friends have
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Doesn't surprise me! Plasma has always been the better technology no matter how many LED and 200Hz buzzwords get thrown at LCD screens to try make em sound better!!! The latest BT300 and VX300 panels have seriously quick phosphor decay times even massively fast motion is totally razor sharp. But you pays the premium (although to be fair 50PHD8 price then compared to 50BT300 price now probably isn't that far out)

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