Panasonic JZ1500 First Thoughts & Building a Home Cinema: The Basics (11th August 2021)


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Catching up with the podcast after catching COVID the first thing that Steve said about hay fever and irony of staying in is exactly what happened to me . Double jabbed and caught it from god know where . 10 days later and a week of feeling like sh*t I’m on the other side with no smell or taste ! Luckily no hospital time either.
So how I caught I never know I’m a freak that dettol wipes everything coming in the house . And I wear masks everywhere …… and I don’t go many places !

great podcast as usual seeing out my last day in isolation .
Keep safe people !


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55inch JZW 2004 in Germany is 3000eu and i paid LG G1 1400eu 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I like Panasonic but with this prices they will sell zero TVs.
Cant find price for jzw 1500 model...

Zero tv? Are you sure? I own one, so you are wrong.

No pay, no play. JZ2000 is higher in price because it is better, how much value to apply to the difference in picture quality and accuracy is just a personal matter.

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