Panasonic jz1500 – sounds keeps dropping when connected to soundbar


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Sorry I don't understand what you mean by switching back to HDMI2? I only have one HDMI cable from my AV amp to the TV. Do you have two?
If you're still having this issue you might want to try changing the HDMI Audio Format to "Pass Through" that's the equivalent of bitstream so it should send the audio as intended to a soundbar/AVR. Also it might be worth changing the "HDMI auto setting" to mode 2 in the setup menu. That drops the HDMI port back to HDMI 2.0 instead of 2.1 meaning you lose the gaming features e.g. VRR, 4k120fps but it seemed to fix my audio issues.

Annoying though because I want to use the gaming features. Fingers crossed for this firmware fix.


I also get audio dropouts when watching cable. My TV is connected via HDMI 2 to the AVR's HDMI ARC port. Note that I get cable using the DVB-C tuner and a CAM module in the CI slot. So I am not utilizing any HDMI to get the signal.

Is this a software bug indeed or a faulty TV?


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Have you tried launching Netflix from the AV input, instead of hdmi 1 to 4, as this usually fixes the issues until I turn the tv ooff and in again.

Thanks, I'm having the same audio drop-out problem with my new JZ1500 and this fixes it. Hopefully there will be a software update.

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