Panasonic JX600 Game mode + 4:3 = screen tearing


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I'm having an issue on my new Panasonic JX600 where if set to game mode and in 4:3 aspect, I get screen tearing. Outside of game mode or outside of 4:3, it's fine. I've tested a few consoles (PS3 and old consoles via an upscaler) and both have this issue so I'm certain it's the TV. I have found one way to fix it temporarily, and that's by selecting a different aspect ratio and then back to 4:3. It feels like there's about a 1/10 chance it will be fixed until the TV is turned off or the aspect ratio is changed again.

I have both a 43" and 55" version of this TV and the issue is on both. I've tried contacting Panasonic about the issue and they are being of no help at all.

I'm clutching at straws now, but to try and prevent myself going insane switching aspect ratios constantly (which is about 10+ button presses just to access the aspect ratio option!) I wonder if anyone had any ideas how to prevent this from happening or if the only solution is for Panasonic to release a new software version to fix this issue.

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