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Panasonic IDTV's - anyone know if nthey're good?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Nello, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Nello


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    Am new to this forum (and buying TV's for over £150!) so apologies if this is going over old ground.

    Am looking for a 28"Widescreen IDTV. Not too fussed about getting Dolby sound as I think I'd do better to wait and get separates when I can afford them. So main concerns are a good quality picture and an ID tuner. unfortunately most IDTV's i can see also have all the other fancy extras like Dig5.1, etc and so are too pricey for me.

    I found the Panasonic TX-28DT30 on www.techtronics.com for £625 (though it says 0 in stock). what is general opinion on Panny Tau TV's picture, quality, etc. & are there any other TV's I should be looking at in a similar price bracket (upto £750).

    would like to buy from JL (for 5 yr warranty), but am becoming increasingly confused about how to get them to pricematch. I read somewhere on here that they will match against websites that also have a 'walk-in' store in Uk (which i think techtronics have). is buying from JL the only way to get a 5 year warrranty without paying through the nose, or can this be wangled some other way?

    cheers in advance

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