Panasonic HX600 TV Remote behaviour with Apple TV


Change Panasonic 50HX600B TV Remote behaviour with Apple TV

Currently my TV switches on when I switch my Apple TV on using the CEC link, this is fine. However, I have a small issue with the TV's software getting in the way initially.

Once switched on, the TV displays a banner about being able to press '0' on the remote for three seconds to control just the TV and not the Apple TV. Somehow the Panasonic's remote knows how to control the Apple TV (press 'Home' on the Panasonic remote and it goes to the home screen on the Apple TV, etc.) I didn't teach it, it just worked, have checked the settings on both the TV and Apple TV with no obvious solution.

Ideally, I'd like to reverse or remove this three seconds behaviour completely, so the TV's remote only controls the TV and not the Apple TV at all.

The only solution so far is to disable CEC on the TV, but this isn't ideal as I'd need to use both TV and Apple TV remotes. Especially as I watch everything through the Apple TV and don't really need any of the TV's onboard features.

Very much a first world problem, I know.

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