Panasonic HT520 16:9 problem

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    I've just bought a Panasonic HT520 and, although I'm very impressed with it, there seems to be a problem when I tell it that my TV has an aspect of 16:9.

    When I select this option, the player seems to be constantly sending a signal to the TV, which causes the TV to constantly display the mode it has been switched to. So the TV constantly displays "Widescreen" in the centre of the screen. The TV remote control doesn't work correctly while this is happening, as the TV is obviously getting bombarded with signals from the DVD player.

    I don't get this problem if I set it to 4:3 or 4:3 Letterbox, but this is no good if I want to play DVDs with an aspect of 16:9.

    The TV is Philips 42PF9946 (42" plasma), but I don't think that the problem is down to the TV, as it seems obvious that the TV is getting hammered with signals from DVD player.

    Does anyone know how I can cure this?

    Thanks for any help.

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