Panasonic HS2 Newbie needs help



Hi i've recently purchased a Panasonic HS2 and have found the manual to be a little opaque to say the least so I was hoping somebody here could give me some help.

I have successfully copied some camcorder footage to the hard drive and edited out the bits i didn't want. Now what I want to do is break it up into appropriate chapters and give each chapter a title so that when I burn it to DVD I have a menu with the individual chapters on it that I can jump to? ANybody help.

Secondly, sort of following on is it possible to create dvd's like most of the comdey series that have been released i.e. blackadder, black books where you have the individual episodes selectable and then within that the individual chapters. I don't mind if it's all on one menu.



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For part 1, yep, quite easily....

Create a Play List for each 'chapter' you want, titling accoridngly.

When you burn these to DVD-R, the disc will be split into titles, one title representing each Play List you create.

For part 2, you can't really achieve this. The HS2 will split all titles into 5 minute chapters - you canot speicify the chapter point - but the chapters are NOT selectable on any menu.

Titles are selectable so you have the choice of either titles only on the menu, or make a seperate 'title' for each chapter that you want, i.e titles 1-6 are for Episode 1 of your show, titles 7-12 are for episode 2 etc...

Personally, I just go for 1 title per episode, whether thats for a 30 min or 60 min show.

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