Panasonic HS2 limitations


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I found a user review of the new Panasonic HS2 DVD-Recorder

it seems to highlight some serious limitations when using this product with a Sat Receiver (which I have).

Does anyone have any comments on the limitations ? - I'd like to better understand what they are and whether there are any likely work-arounds before purchasing.

thanks in advance


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These US owners are mainly talking about the limitations that neither the DMR-E30 or DMR-HS2 has Satellite or Cable control for support for changing channels on either Satellite and Cable platforms.

The only work around is to use either your Satellite i.e. SKY or Cable (Telewest, NTL etc) timer facilitiy on the STB to change change at a particular time so that you either the DMR-HS2 or DMR-E30 to record that particular channel.

This is what is says in the DMR-E30 manual and since the DMR-HS2 is not out in the UK yet, I suspect it will say exactly the same thing in the manual.

For United Kingdom

This unit is not designed to control (switch on or change channel) your satellite reciever or Cable TV box, however, it can be taught to recognise Video Plus+ Codes for Satellite stations. The Satellite reciever or Cable Box must be switched on and the correct station selected. Some recievers have their own timer facility for this purpose. Please refer to your Satellite Reciever/Cable TV box instructions for use of such timer facilities".

I don't have that problem with my DMR-E30 because I have a TIVO for recording and DMR-E30 for archiving :)


It may well be worth any potential buyer looking at the where US owners are debating the merits and limits of this player. The worst 'limit' seems to be a quality dip between RAM and -r discs recorded from the units HDD and/or a colour wash-out effect for black levels.


Very frustrating review. It slags it off with comments like:

"If you have a satellite (like Dish Network or DirecTV) most of the bells and whistles of this unit will be negated" and "Other features like the heavily hyped TimeSlip (Record & Play at the same time) really cannot be used practically if you have this unit in a home theater with a satellite receiver" but then fails to explain them.

A newbie, or non-technical person would be put off by this. I own a DMR-E20 and I'm more than happy with it. And I use it in my "Home Theater" system with a digibox. Why the h*ll can't it use timeslip????

Undetered, it's still top of my wish list!



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Read reviews from the US this morning claiming its the best thing since....the last best thing. But can I find the URL? As soon as I do I will post. No -ve comment at all on the ones I read.


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Thanks for all your info - think I'll hold off from ordering the HS2 until the 'black level' issue is resolved. It will also give me more time to contemplate a Tivo/E20(or E30) combination - or maybe the new Toshiba recorder- or maybe a PC based burner .... I'm getting a headache just thinking about all the options. Guess a good start would be to write down my requirements and perhaps you good folk could recommend some options.

Thanks again


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Originally posted by trex
Guess a good start would be to write down my requirements and perhaps you good folk could recommend some options.

Tivo @ £99 upwards with Panasonic DMR-E30 is my shout.
Skyplus+ with Panasonic DMR-E30 better still but more expensive.
This DMR-HS2 is too pricey @ £900 - ish, more like £700 - ish I would look at it.


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Its $750 in US so hopefully thats a good indication that prices will fall

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