Panasonic HS2 'colour wash out'




Just when I seemed so close to making a decision to buy the Panasonic HS2 I spot a thread which alarms me!

Posted by encaser on 9/10/02 it suggests that some US owners are complaining of both quality dip between RAM and -r discs recorded from the units HDD and/or a colour wash-out effect for black levels.

Has anyone on this forum actually got the HS2? and are they experiencing any of these problems?

Also, I'd like to know if it's possible to record to both a -r disc and the HDD at the same time. I have this situation in mind .... I know I want a permanent recording (let's say of I'm Alan Partridge) I wack in a cheap -r and part way through the disc fails. I'm left with nothing. If the HS2 could also record to its HDD I would have a back-up which I could copy at my leisure. can it be done?

Also, also ... how does the PC card for JPEG photo viewer work. I don't have a digital camera at the moment, but I'm thinking of getting one. Can I use any card for any model of camera in the HS2?

Any advice you can give would be great.



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I do have an HS2 but have not yet had time to do any recordings to -R or -RAM yet (I'll let you know after the weekend). I can confirm that the quality of both video and audio on HDD recordings is excellent.

You cant record to DVD and HDD at the same time but you can record from one device to the other. I'm not sure about DVD failure but in the case of the -R or -RAM disc becoming full during a recording then it will switch recording to the HDD.

You can use any memory card from any camera in the HS2 but you will need to purchase the correct PCMCIA adaptor for the slot.

Hope that helps




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I have been using my HS2 to copy VHS tapes to HD, edit and then burn to dvd-r. I first tried coping to HD in lp mode and then to dvd-r in lp mode.
I did notice a drop in quality in the final dvd-r compared to the HD. I beleave this could be due to double compression. coping to lp mode twice.
I now copy to the HD in xp mode, edit then burn to dvd-r in sp/lp mode, with much better results.
I should think the results would be the same from tv broadcasts.


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