Panasonic HS-2 vs panasonic e85

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by jon t, Jul 25, 2004.

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    Hi, apologies if a similar thread has appeared before have posted this once on here on the wrong thread ...Doh, sorry.

    I'd welcome members opinions on the choice I have facing me.

    I currently own a HS-2 I bought it for £500 nearly a year ago and I've been very very happy with it - have archived a good chunk of my vhs and really like it. The thing is, I have set my father in law off at the usefullness of this product and as an ex transmission engineer he really wants one now. He was going to buy the e-85 until he found out it doesn't have a DV input, it'd be another 2-300 pounds for the e95. so he decided to get a HS-2 as well. And while there are a few available he offered me a deal which on the face of it sounds good for both of us. He offered me £400 for my HS-2 ( I also have 2 years left on an extended guarantee) I don't have a need for the dv input at present and its unlikely I will have a need for it.
    I then buy myself an e85 (costs around £430 + if I use my B'card visa I get 1 extra years warranty = the 2 years I had on my HS2) I also get an eighty gig HDD as opposed to the 40 I have now. The question is - it seems we both can't lose, but I'd appreciate forum views.
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    Do it - the Panasonic E85 is two generations ahead of the HS2 with regards to it's MPEG encoding/decoding although the user interface isn't as good (IMHO). Plus of course it has double the HDD capacity! Unless of course you need the PC Card slot or DV input...

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