Panasonic Home Cinema System Set-up Problems- please help!


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My set up is:

1. Panasonic Viera TH 42PX70 plasma (has 2 HDMI ports)
2. Panasonic SC-PT850EB-K Home Cinema system
3. Sky+ HD box
4. PS3
5. 'Pair & Go' HD Junction 5 in 1 HD splitter
6. Nintendo Wii

I have them connected as follows:

1. HD lead from tv to Panasonic SC-PT850EB-K Home Cinema system
2. HD lead from tv to 'Output' of 'Pair & Go' HD Junction 5 in 1 HD splitter
3. HD lead from Sky+ HD box to 'Input' of 'Pair & Go' HD Junction 5 in 1 HD splitter
4. HD lead from PS3 to "Input' of 'Pair & Go' HD Junction 5 in 1 HD splitter
5. Scart lead from tv to Nintendo Wii

I have 3 problems that I hope someone could please, please help me with.

1. I can only get a 1080i display on tv when viewing Sky HD channels by turning on the PS3 that then makes noise and heats up (as it is therefore on for long periods of time). This also wastes electricity. If I do not turn on the PS3, the tv displays 'Analogue- Wide' and gives a poor picture.

2. I have to crouch down and press a button on the HD splitter to physically change between Sky and PS3 and vice versa. This is a real pain and I would love to avoid this manoeuvre (remotely ideally).

3. I have 4 remotes for the tv, Sky, Ps3 and Home Cinema System. I would like to replace them all with an all in one remote that should do everything and have a display. Any recommendations please?

I'm sorry for the long post but any help/advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks

Rich Marshall

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Does the cinema system have any HDMI inputs, or just the tv output?

Harmony remotes are highly recommended, although they won't control the PS3 without adding a IR adapter in one of the USB's (they don't support blutooth)


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Thanks for replying.

The cinema system has one HDMI input which has an HD lead connecting it to the Plasma tv.

I will look into that remote, sounds good.

Hopefully we can sort out the connectivity problems.


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