Panasonic HDC SD90 - Blurry Footage Problem


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One of the cameras I use for video making is the Panasonic SD90 I've had it for a few years and has always been a solid camera.

In recent weeks, I've been experiencing some "Blurry Footage" which is annoying as you can imagine.
I can't work out for the life of me why this happens. And I assumed this was fault with the lens, where I sent the camera to a repair company who found no fault. (confused.com)

Have any of you experienced this issue?


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Do you mean it was blurry and that's made you send it to the Repairer... and they found no fault, but charged you?
Where is the evidence of the No-Fault, for their fee?
I'd expect them to supply a USB stick, or SDHC card with some evidence it's OK - naturally this would be in addition to their Fix-fee /handling charge.
+How long ago was their diagnosis?....have you just got it back, for example?

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If we assume (dangerous) that there is "nothing wrong" how are you testing this fault-condition?
If set to AUTO, placed on a tripod / wall etc. and you film the garden, or buildings on the village green . . . are you saying it's blurry? That you can't (for example) distinguish the branches of trees beyond say 30 ft ( not leaves, branches ).
How are you viewing this...1) using the LCD, 2) some other monitor, PC or TV (after rendering)...?

I will presume the battery is charged and the charge-meter in the viewfinder/LCD confirms this - Also, it is set to AUTO focus ( ie not Manual which might be set to some very close-up setting). also you are setting the zoom somewhere near its widest setting.
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Cheers for now.


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Panasonic cameras tend to switch off when the battery is below a certain voltage. To me it sounds as if a lens element has moved. The manual focus is a "fly by wire" system which relies on icons on the LCD again this may have been corrupted.
Tried checking for a firmware update but there is nothing showing on the Panasonic site.

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Hi everyone
HCD-SD90, Intermittent poor focus,
This is a common problem with the SD90 and camcorders / cameras using optical image stabilisation, it's caused by the damping lubrication deteriorating with age, it seems to go runny and forms clumps at the same time as though the lubrication is separating into its component parts. Without damping the image stabiliser can start to oscillate intermittently, this gives the symptom of poor focus accompanied sometimes by a faint mechanical whine or buzzing noise from the lens. The lens can be repaired rather than replaced.


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Interesting thoughts PB - if the oil has separated, or got where it shouldn't then maybe running the camcorder for a while ( several hours at warm temperatures ), may return to normal...and maybe that's why the "Repairer" reported no-fault...
-but OP hasn't been back, so I guess the fault has moved-on -OR- he's thrown it in the bin.
I'd expect them to use a silicon oil if anything, as this has a wide temperature range . . . However, my 2006 Pana stills camera has such a stab. and that "clinked" when moved a lot ( when OFF) . I was concerned something was loose inside, but the Dealer explained it's a spinning disc, acting like a gyro....only when it's ON.
The other more obvious problem is he's dropped it . . . but I don't understand the Repairer situation....

Maybe we'll never know.
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