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A wide angle lens is a useful add-on for any camcorder (none of them have a very wide field of view as standard), but the quality of lenses varies greatly. A cheap no-name lens from ebay is not likely to be very high quality.


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Raynox & Century Optics are a good starter for quality lens , can also recomend Sony VCL/VCLHG wide angle in 37mm.
Dont put a cheap convertor on a quality lens.


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I have always had panasonic camcorders because i use them for filming at speed in the french alps (snowboarding) and they tend to be very well built. Hence why i would ask the question. Has any one actually tried to use a wide angle lens on the HDC SD9DEB-K model?

The reason being the lens is not firm and fixed very well (Not sure if their is a reason) and i can only assume its a batch fault. I say this as: i have looked at Cannons, sony's etc and they do not have the same issue.

If you buy a wide angle lens (Like i have) that is fairly expensive, i have found that they do not fix in position, they move, they rattle and basically they can not be used.

I have emailed panasonic as curries, pc world etc can not help or simple do not understand the problem in hand. If any one out there is having the same issue(s) i would like to hear from you.

I must have tried Nine different panasonic camera's today inlcuding the same model with the hard drive and they all have the same issue. If you feel the leica lens and thread it moves!

I look forward to another view.

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Further to my last post.

The 37mm connection on the HDC-SD9 HD cam corder is not for use with wide angles lenses. It is design only to take the filter unit.

If you try a wide angle lens the hood unit moves, Check page 12 (I think) on the manual.

The actual lens you require (only made by panasonic i believe) is VW-W 3707 HE-K. Though check this with panasonic.

At present panasonic have none in stock though amazon does (i have just bought one and should be with me by next week), Once mine arrives i'll let you know whether this is the correct fit.

If you search amazon use the part number above.



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The 37mm connection on the HDC-SD9 HD cam corder is not for use with wide angles lenses. It is design only to take the filter unit. If you try a wide angle lens the hood unit moves, Check page 12 (I think) on the manual.
Yes, remove the matt box / lens cover before fitting a wide lens. Actually, it's a good idea to remove it if you want to use a filter, too, as there is a tendency to pick up reflections of the matte box from the back of a filter mounted on the matte box thread. Pretty ugly in my experience. My SD9's matte box has been sitting in the box since I bought it, and at the expense of making the camera about 15mm longer I've fitted a UV filter and a small lens hood. Not everyone's cup of tea, but the reflection / flare thing drove me mad after about 2 minutes.



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I have an "Ebay" one which even came with hoods and a carry bag...

It fits in place of the auto lens shutter which just unscrews...

Yes it works but gives a funny colour tint so I have only used it twice for about 5 mins :)



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Thanks everyone,

I have an old 37mm (raynox) but in reflection the panasonic one is apparently by far a superior lens than the previous one. I must agree with the previous post that the Raynox is good, but do note that when you put one through a very cold (minus 10) day in the alps it tends to steam inside. I just hope the new one does do it.

I could kick my self though, once i got the Hod off as its so obvious. I blame the high street they simple do not have any idea about the lens that come with the cam corders

Does any one know of a good uv filter lens maker?? Price not the issue, quality essential?

When the makers own 37mm wide angle turns up i'll give you a note on quality. That is if you do not already have one.

Once i have use this cam corder off the big air ramps i'll let you know if it was worth the 159 euro's for the lens and whether the fact that the SD9 has no moving parts makes it in destructable, and Please (go on) tell me i could have got the lens cheaper some where else. Spec savers perhaps?

Speak soon.

thanks again

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