Panasonic HDC-SD80 vs HDC-SD90

Panasonic HDC-SD80 vs HDC-SD90 vs Other Camcorder

  • SD80

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  • SD90

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Hey, so I'm thinking of finally hooking into the HD generation and buying a decent but affordable camcorder. :clap:

I came across the Panasonic HDC-SD80 and then the SD90 which is the newer model and obviously more expensive but still within my budget of £300 - £400. I'm having trouble deciding if it's worth buying the SD90. I have no interest in the 3D supported functionality with an added gadget, so that aside, would it be a good buy ?

All the TVs in my house are Panasonic with their Viera Link that might come in handy, hence my reason for choosing a Panasonic camcorder. I'm also open to suggestions on other camcorders (non-HDD) that is in my budget range. :D


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SD90. No contest.
The sensor size difference, 1080/50p progressive option, and external mic socket make it worth the price difference.

All IMHO, of course! :)


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How are you finding the SD90?

I'm trying to choose between the two as well (for the same reason), from what I can see the SD80 is 1080i not 1080p and the zoom is better (37x Opti, 42x Digi) where as the SD90 is 1080p with a zoom of (21x Opti, 40x digi).

I was actually thinking of the HS80 with the built in HDD but the specs are the same as the SD80...

Any advice would be great. :smashin:


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It's awesome. I'm glad I went with the SD90 and I don't really care for the zoom levels as it excels in all other (important?) areas. Though, that was last year, I'm not sure if there are newer/better models out now around the same price or maybe a little higher ? I haven't really looked around as I'm perfectly happy with my SD90 :D


I avoided built in HDD cameras just incase they (and they will) fail mechanically and not to mention the fact they add quite a bit of weight and noise. There might be ways to replace that but I think SD types are better off and 32 GB is more than enough for hours filming at good quality. You can even splash out on the 64GB SDXC (which is supported on the SD90) if you want more storage space per card.
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Thanks for the reply, I take your point about the HDD version, not considered that. In all the reviews no one mentions the difference in zoom abilities, maybe I'm rating the extra zoom to highly.

Thanks again


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My own camera is 3:1 zoom and that's never been a big issue, although I have another Option for distant shots.

In general anything over 10x is too much, as it will encourage you to zoom about, which is a No-No for audiences.... and it really needs a stout tripod to maintain the sharpness.

The SD90 is the better camcorder, - but then it is more expensive.
Digital zoom is a marketing ploy and adds nothing to the image quality . . . . but a long zoom range means the woring aperture will be restricted, making this suitable for sunny holidays - BUT that is where camcorders are used by the Buying Public . . . . . very few are used for "Making Films"
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