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Panasonic HDC-SD700 battery


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Can someone please confirm this test for me?

Insert a fully charged standard VW-VBG130 battery into the Panasonic HDC-SD700 camcorder. That's the standard battery that comes with the camcorder.

Select the 1080/50p mode and start recording and leave it until the battery runs out and the camera shuts down. I had it lasting about 1 hour 45 mins recording time (recording drains more juice than when the camera is just turned on and doing nothing).

Now, I've been buying the third-party manaufactured VW-VBG260 batteries which are a lot cheaper, fully decoded so they give the remaining time on the camcorder, can be charged on camcorder's original Panasonic charger, and are bulkier than the standard battery so you can expect it to carry more charge. However, when I do the same recording time test on these replacement "high capacity" batteries, though the initial remaining time shows on the camcorder as around three hours, the battery lasts about the same time as the standard lower capacity VW-VBG130 battery? I've tried and sent back three of these batteries now, one of them even being from a different supplier and manaufacturer, and still they don't last longer than the standard capacity.

Do I keep being sold faulty high-capacity batteries, or is it a faulty standard-capacity battery that came with my camcoder that just happens to run longer than it's supposed to?



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Difficult one this -- it's only in the last few months that 3rd party batteries with 'time remaining' chips have been available. Naturally enough, Panasonic will still say 'don't trust them -- you have no way of knowing what kind of quality control has been applied'.
Pages like this Recommendation for Use of Genuine Panasonic Battery Pack | Digital AV | Consumer Products | Support | Panasonic Global
may just be marketing hype, to keep the price up, or it could be a warning against a genuine risk?
It's certainly true that Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous, if the appropriate safety precautions are not employed, but with 3rd party items, how would you know?

Hopefully, low capacity will be your only problem.

I have 2 genuine VW-VBG130 batteries for my camcorder, both over two years old. They both still have a capacity greater than the quoted spec.
The only 3rd party battery I bought, for my older Canon, lastest about 18 months, and then died. Even when new, it never had the quoted capacity.
The original Canon battery (now more than 6 years old) still has a useful capacity!

Obviously, some 3rd party batteries are likely to be OK. How you make sure you've bought one of those, I don't know?....

John Lewis

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Like Rogs i had 3 for a Sony 2 years ago 12months later they were all dead. Time will tell

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