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Panasonic HDC-SD600 driven over, can it be repaired?


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Being realistic no-one is likely to want to risk time on this "professionally" - you might be lucky and find a capable person who like to fiddle - meanwhile, put in a claim on yr insurance.

Not this case: I've seen other threads where a camera suddenly stops "Repair under G'tee" is £150 - just to look at it - then they decide if it's a Mfr fault, or customer mishandling - - - - but we know which they'll say, don't we?

A great shame, but the parts could have value - at a repairers - but don't count on it.

Mick Turner

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Thanks Harry, you have reached the same conclusion as I. The only realistic way it could be repaired without costing more than it is worth would be if it could somehow be 'bodged' by a competent engineer. I reckon the metal chassis could be twisted back into shape using pliers and a vice, but if the electronics are damaged too it is probably kaput.

In desperation and to ease my loss during these financially troubling times I went and bought a JVC GZ-HM445BEK. It is not bad for a cheap camcorder but when compared to the Panasonic you can see through its performance that it is a noticeably cheaper product.


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Can you say why you went for such a "step-down"? -although I like the dual-memory slots ....does this give you a dupe, or is better for continuous filming when one card is getting full?

BTW I'd be inclined to try to see what works, without attempting to bend it back (obvious faults excepted) - simply because unstressing a part might induce further damage - depending how it's done.

#5 Bob++ -I think it's "worth" more to the OP because there is still a chance it might work or provide spares etc. At worst a local Video group might be interested as a prop. I still don't understand why he opted for what appears to be a cionsiderably inferior camcorder, when he could have bought the same model s/h on ebay, for example knowing it's pros'cons etc. . . . was he secretly "glad" to buy an alternative...surely not?
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