Panasonic hdc-sd60 Lapland ?

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Good evening all, a few weeks ago I bought a Panasonic hdc-sd6. One of the main reason I bought the camera was to video the family in Lapland, I've now been told not to use any electronic devices outside as the cold will damage them. Is this true is there any thing I can use, heat packs etc



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No personal experience, but here is what I am preparing for when I visit Norway in a few weeks time -

1 Keeping cameras in a padded bag to keep them warm-ish for as long as possible.
2 UV filter on the camcorder to stop snow etc. getting inside through the "lens cap" mechanism.
3 Expecting LCDs to get slugish or even go black if exposed to the cold for long periods. (Should recover OK when warmed up again).
4 Very short battery life between charges. Will carry spare batteries in inside pockets, to keep them a bit warmer.
5 Will keep the cameras zipped in their padded bag for several hours after returning indoors - this is to prevent or minimise condensation, which is the thing most likely to cause permanent damage.

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Its more the condensation you need to be careful of. Keep the items zipped up in a bag as you bring them back inside from cold weather. Give it a few hours to let the item gently get to room temperature.


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I went to Lapland a few years ago. The two main problems you will face are; batteries don't like the cold, keep them in your pockets as close to your skin until you need them. Secondly, the temperature isn't really a issue, the problem arises when you change temperature.

We spent a morning outside in the cold waiting for our turn to see the "Big Man". Santa was in a nice log cabin but with a roaring log fire. Knowing he was inside I kept my camera as close to my body as possible all morning so it wouldn't be affected by the temperature change. Wrong! Because of the fire the room was roasting! Once I was inside I took the camera out and it fogged up straight away. I now have some nice hazzy photos of the kids beside Santa, very arty but not what I really wanted.

I also took a DV tape Video camera, and besides the one oopsy above the stills and video camera both worked without any problems. Just try to think ahead and cool or warm up the items in advance of the events.

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thank you so much for the advice, some very useful tips there. so what ever extreme i use the camcorder I've got to let it settle down before i use it again if the temperatures differ
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In these cold places, condensation is not generally a problem!

The air is so dessicated because of the water vapour being frozen out, that there is very little humidity.
I had no problems with condensation after about 3/4 hour outside at -6C and then returning to an (overheated) hotel room. Everything stayed absolutely dry. Just don't huff on the viewfinder (but even that clears very quickly).

I did not meet really extreme temperatures, but out of a whole crowd using cameras and camcorders outside down to about -10C, only one person had a problem (with a Canon dSLR). LCD screens stayed fully operational and the worries before going proved groundless.


well at least you will get it early, as Lapland should be one of Santas first stops..
there, someone had to say it :D

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