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So I have the Panasonic HC VX1 for the last few months and I'm loving it - a great camera!
I'm wondering how does the "Auto Focus" work? I read somewhere there is an option in the menu to make it work better? When for example I'm zooming in on something like a "flower" it sometimes doesn't "focus" that well if you know what I mean?

Also - I think I'm having issues with the memory card I'm using is this one:
Amazon product
I use the same card in my other camera the Sony FDR AX33 - and what I'm seeing is that when I'm transferring the files from the card to my PC using the SD Card Adapter and importing the files in my editor (Corel X10) there's always one apparant file that is "corrupt" where I can play the file in VLC Media Player.

Also when the SD is formatted and I use the camera for recording videos, and when I go into the play back the files are all there, but I notice other blank files.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks!


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Are you using HD or 4K? VideoStudio X10 is pretty old (now on version 2020 - but you knew that :facepalm:) It may help to upgrade. I don't think X10 will handle 4K.

You are formatting the SD card in the camera? Aren't you

I have the 800 so am not experienced with the software for the 4K version. There is no option to affect the way auto focus works - it just works OK from 2" to infinity.
I'm using the 64 Gb SDXC Sandisk in my camera.

How are you downloading your video files to your PC. If you use HDwriter, you will pull across a number of "housekeeping" files which do nothing for the editing process. You need to just pull the video files across.
See P258 in the user manual "About the PC Display", this shows the format of the SD card. Open DCIM > 101RDPHH (see the note below (2) on that page) Select all the MP4 files and copy into a named folder in My Video.
For AVCHD files go PRIVATE > AVCHD > BDMV > STREAM and follow the same download method.

Hope this helps.
Hi Terfyn,

The Reason why I gone back to X10 was that 2020 version kept on crashing and closing so I didn't know what to do, Corel Live Chat are beyond useless they just tell you too "reset the program"

Still not a clue on the focus.

I download the files using a USB SD Card Adapter and locate the video files and copy them across.


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Started using 2020 recently so I cannot yet comment on its reliability. I still have 2019 and 2018 which I know are reasonably robust. Have you tried asking on the Corel User to User web site? They may help.
Sorry I can't help about the auto focus. I can only think that VX1 has an option that the 800 does not have. I searched the VX1 Manual (covers the 800 too) and cannot find any note about focussing. There are some extra focussing options but they are only available on the VXF1.
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