Panasonic HC V720 Upgrade?

Hello everyone.

One of the cameras I own is the Panasonic HC V720 which in fairness is a great camera, that's serving me well.
But one of the issues I have here, is that my batteries (genuine) are not showing it's true full charge like the bigger battery that should give me 3hrs but it shows 2hrs 45min.
Another gripe is with this camera whilst using it on my Velbon 438 Video Mate Tripod, the Q Plate constantly comes loose and I keeping to re-tighten all of the time!

I'm looking into seeing what options there are for an upgrade preferably a 4k Camera but the ones I have seen from the Panasonic Website like this one for example:

On ebay they are going for about £500!
ive recently added the Sony FDR AX33 to my Collection which I'm very pleased with, but I'm looking around for a good Panasonic one.

Anyone have any ideas?


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If you are happy with HD (and I am 'cos it is so easy to edit) the HC-V800 is worth a look at. The 4K equivalents are the VX1 and the VXF1
As for batteries, invest in a 20,000 mAh Power Bank. They connect easily using your supplied DC cable. (you can order more DC cables through the Panasonic web site ~ £ 4.00 ea.)

I have a very ancient Velbon D-700 tripod and the camera looks a bit potty sat on this monster BUT it is a good tripod which will last my lifetime. :thumbsup: I now use a multi purpose monopod/ trekking stick which I find easier to handle.

My daughter lives in Saundersfoot and I can't wait to see her when this lockdown is over.




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Best to do a comparison of the specs on the Panasonic UK site but, I think, the EVF is the most obvious difference.
The only difference I can find is that the VXF1 mic socket can be switched to take a "Line In" signal.

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