Panasonic GZ950 Sound problems.


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I've been getting problems with my GZ950 TV sometimes when i load the amazon prime app it wont load and I get a blank screen so I have to unplug my tv and then turn it back on and then it works but a couple of times the sound hasn't worked so Ive had to unplug all my home cinema at the mains. and once it said Invalid Operation Please Try later when I select Home Cinema in sound in the panasonic Tvs menu and now its done it again. It doesn't make any sense, has anyone got any ideas or has anyone had this error 'Invalid Operation Please Try later' Message who has the GZ950? Thanks

Marky Bear

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I have this TX-65GZ950B TV (bought June 2020) and after 11-months it decided it would no longer connect to the internet for Amazon and Netflix. I went away for a few days, then it just 'fixed' itself.
That was 2-months ago, but now it is randomly doing it again.

Also, it decides quite often to show, as you state, a black screen when I go to the HDMI channel for my blu-ray player and/or my Kodi media player. A bit of back and forth or switching it completely off eventually gets them back, but clearly there's some interior error occurring.
I haven't noticed any sound issues, yet...

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