Panasonic GZ950 Chassis Fault


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I was hoping someone might be able to help with an issue with our 55GZ950, about seven months old.

We moved it for sale (we’re downsizing the telly). Had it in our spare room for a few days and have noticed these white splotches on the leather effect back. We’ve not painted or had any noxious substances near the TV so definitely not from that. (TV works fine and marks are only on back, fortunately.)

Contacted Richer Sounds, who referred us to Panasonic. Panasonic have been less than helpful - refuse to take responsibility, refuse to inspect and insist - based on a photo - that a “foreign substance” has caused the damage. They won’t state what it is or how.

Has anyone had a similar issue with their Panasonic TV? Has anyone had any success in getting Panasonic actually to help their customers. I feel like we’re banging our heads against a brick wall.


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Have you tried to rub/clean the white marks off?
The mains power that the same white stuff or just dust?
Was the TV wall-mounted when you were using it?


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Looks like insect deposits, have you tried a damp cloth.
Exactly, and this should have been mentioned by the OP in his post.
I'll be gobsmacked if the OP hasn't tried this before contacting RS and ranting about Panasonic's response.


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Hi - sorry I didn’t mention that in the original post.

Yes, we’ve tried damp cloth and a magic eraser - the texture of the marks feels as thigh the surface coating has come off, rather than something attaching to the surface.

There isn’t any evidence of insect infestations anywhere else in our flat (e.g. on walls/clothing/furniture/flying around).

The white in the cable tie is just dust and has cleaned away - the marks are only on the back surface of the unit.


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It’s annoying, but isn’t this just a minor cosmetic issue? After all, who looks at the back of their TV? :D If you’re selling, mention it to the buyer, provide evidence and let them decide, but expect to take a price reduction to compensate.

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