Panasonic GT50 Plasma upgrade?


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Hi All,

I have a Panasonic TX--P50GT50 that I absolutely love. The black levels are ridiculous and it was rated a very good set when I bought it 4 years ago and I am still happy.
Panasonic TX-P50GT50 review

My question is, I like to sell and buy my amps and I do very well. i.e I will sell a 4 year old amp and buy an open box for a little more and have a newer better amp and would like to do the same with televisions, but it looks harder.

I presume with this TV oled's are the only thing that is going to touch it. Should I upgrade now, wait a while or just be happy with what I have. Im out of the loop the last 3 years and have kept a bit in touch. The bit of reading I have done would leave me inclined to stick with it but I am basically looking for advice as to when the best time to trade up would be. I would prefer to do it at a stage where the Panny is still worth a decent chunk cause it cost me a fortune. Im basically trying to loose as little money as possible like I do on the amps.

Any tips?

If I am buying again I will probably go 60 inch, if it makes a diff. My Sources are all normal HD bar netflix which I would upgrade to 4k if the tv was 4k and blu ray.

I suppose my basic question is when should I sell that I will get maximum money for the plasma but find a decent priced oled. Thats is, if it is worth making the change.

Ive yet to see an lcd in a shop that is anywhere close to this 5 year old tv, this is why I only say oled.Money wise on an upgrade, id spend another grand plus what I could sell the tv for which should buy an oled, if you guys think its worth it.

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Hmmm, you've chosen not to share with us just how much you spent on your 50GT50 four years ago, but I'll guess at more than a grand. Which is a bit of a shame for you, as you won't get anything like that selling it now, I would say no more than £500. To give some context, I paid the asking price of £600 for this Panasonic 65ST50 For Sale - Panasonic TX-P65ST50 3D 65" Plasma, which although one rung down in the pecking order of Panasonic's 2012 plasmas compared to yours, it is quite a bit bigger.

Yes, going to 60 inches makes sense, or rather to 65 for OLED. I don't know the 2017 OLEDs, but the 2016 versions (with 3D) are still on sale, and one winner all the way - LG 65E6. One alternative to that is the Sony 65ZD9, which is almost the same price as the 65E6, around £3300. Those who own the Sony ZD9 machines say that the ZD9's black levels, while not as good as OLED's, are certainly better than those of even the best Pioneer and Panasonic plasmas. A considerably cheaper alternative is the Panasonic 65DX902, now just under two grand.

Since you probably won't get as much money as you had hoped for your existing 50GT50, I would say either just keep it and forget about "upgrading" for the time being, or move it into another room if you buy a 4K machine. You're simply not going to be able to buy a good OLED (that is big enough) from the sale of your 50GT50, plus a grand. Sorry.


Keep it, as simple as. Due to the high price of TVs now and given that OLED seems to be a natural progression for Plasma users vs LCDs and its a new tech it has meant prices are a lot higher. You need to spend a lot more now to get a TV as good as that. Its the same across the price spectrum too, you can't get a good budget tv now as good as a good value Plasma of a few years back.

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