Panasonic GT30 55" Plasma

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by mclumpha, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Hi Guys, tv is the vt30 and not the gt30 doh!

    I have a problem that just occurred when watching the tennis. I started to notice the picture going all fuzzy with earlier retention from minecraft game and other images appearing in the background while watching the tv. This is no screen burn or anything like that but after a few minutes with this flickering my TV just went pop....and switched off! i could smell a little burning. So can someone tell me the goods i need a new TV or power board or is it something else that lies sinister within this set? ive had it for 6 years but i still like the picture quality and screen size.

    I will also add that no standby light or anything shows on front of TV.

    Im not in the position financially to be buying a new set so a repair would be best bet for me. Im good at dismantling and replacing things in general so if its a replacement of parts then im good with a screwdriver.

    *update* ok after unplugging tv and using an extension im getting the 7 lights of death. does this mean the y board just needs replaced?

    Please help :(

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