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Panasonic G30 vs ST30


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I can get the TV's for the same price. I don't care about 3D, so I'd be interested strictly in 2D quality.

From what I've gathered, the G30 has more calibration controls and THX mode. It has better blacks in a dark room, but the ST30 deals with ambient lighting and reflections better. The ST30 has slightly less input lag. The ST30 has blue'ish blacks while the G30 has pure blacks. The G30 seems the better deal for viewing in my batcave conditions.

Is all of this true and is there anything else I'm missing? Thanks.


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Blue'ish blacks on the ST30?... that's the first time I've heard that. In a really dark room the G30 might have the edge, but overall I would go for the ST30, on account of the better reflections' filter. My friend has a VT30 and the THX mode appears (to him and me) dull.


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G30 for a bat cave if you dont want 3D. No need for the ST30s slightly better filter and the extra calibration controls are good to have, the ability to alter gamma alone is worth having. As well as THX you get two pro modes you can ether get calibrated or by learning a couple of things improve yourself(tho obviously not to the standard of a pro).
THX seems fine for a non bright environment on my GT, if coming from LCD you may find it dull, but I actually find it ok.(VT30 will look duller than the G30 anyway due to its filter). If not wanting 3D the G30 is the obvious choice IMO, more picture controll and looks a lot better.


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I read about the bluish blacks from a member who had compared their own U30 and ST30. IIRC he presumed it had something to do with the coating. It was in the ST30 thread I believe.

I actually have a hardware calibrator and I will be connecting the TV to my PC for ICC profiling.

Thanks for the input so far, much appreciated!


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that's what my mom always told me :laugh:

always have a light on when I watch tv. but then again I have never strived to create a home cinema experience.

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