Panasonic G30, ST30 or Samsung D6100


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Of these sets which would you choose?

Main use:

Occasional freeview.

Panasonic 42G30 - £570
Sony 40HX723 - £600 (after cashback)
Sharp 40LE831 - £500
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Scooby2000 said:
My preferance is plasma so Id go G30, then out of the LCDs Id say the Sony. Have you seen these sets yet?

I havent been able to find any of these sets anywhere. Just been looking at reviews. I do like the g30 however screen burn worries me, for example would playing a game 2 hours per day everyday cause problems?


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I can now get any of these tv's for £500 in the sale:

Panasonic 42G30
Samsung 40D6100
Panasonic 42ST30

The G30 is tempting me the most at the moment however not sure if I should get the ST30 (3D and Filter) but not too keen on the styling. Surely at this price the G30 is the best?

Just noticed the ST30 is now down to £450!
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For the price I am really tempted by the TX-P42ST30B, however what are the best glasses for this?

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