Panasonic G30 '1080 HD Ready'


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May 14, 2010
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Just had a look at the G30 on and noticed that on the first picture it says '1080 HD Ready' and not Full HD or HD Ready, can anybody explain to me what this means as I was a little disappointed when I bought my first HD ready set and found out that HD Ready wasn't actually 1080p. Now I know (I think) that the xx30 sets are all 1080p and some 3D, the g30 not supporting 3D.

But my question is, what does this '1080 HD Ready' mean? I don't want to be buying something only to find out, it doesn't do this or that.
It means someone made a mistake, there is no such thing as 1080 HD Ready.
No one has made a mistake they call them 1080 hd ready now instead of full hd its the new terminology has been for a while.
Thanks for clearing things up.

Now to my next problem, I noticed that sometimes panasonic TV's end in the letter E and others in in the letter B. An example is here, this G30 shown by our very own AVForums shows the model ending in the letter E.

Whereas on the Panasonic website the same model ends in the letter B. VIERA Flat Screen TV - 2011 Plasma TV - TX-P42G30B - Overview - Panasonic UK & Ireland

Does anybody know what these letters mean?
B = Britain; E = Europe I believe

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