Panasonic G20 plasma keeps switching off - then on ?


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My 42" Panasonic G20 (uk) is only a few weeks old. I have it connected to a Panasonic Blu-ray cinema system (hdmi) and my ageing Sony pvr/DVD (scart).

I'm usually watching freeview on the tv. Sound goes through the cinema system.

Recently the tv will just switch off for apparently no reason. Screen goes blank, relays can be heard to click - just like someone pressed the standby button on the remote. A second or so the tv switches back on again. Picure comes back and then the sound.

Sometimes this off-on thing will occur again within a few seconds or a minute or so. And repeat three or four times. Then it it will stop and stay on for the rest of the evening. It might just do it once. It can go for days and days without problems, and it can happen every day. There seems to be no pattern.

I have found no cure. You may think you've discovered that by switching to freesat or Blu-ray, stops the cycle, but then ten mins later it will do it again... But then maybe go for a week without trouble. As I say no pattern.

I am not sitting on the remote control!

It does this with the pvr switched or in standby.

My cinema/bluray thing is always on (when tv is on) but does not seem to be affected by the tv power cycle.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?
Could it be some system "viera link" setting (though I've hunted for such things) or something?
Is my tv faulty?

It's doing my head in - not to mention the rest of the family's!
(please help cos they all think I should know why it's happening!)


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mine did that the first time i used the lan network port when nothing was plugged in it...

i would try it without each item, eg the HDD/wireless adapter and see if its one of those causing a problem... sounds like u just have a fault which will be covered under warranty... good luck


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Mt VT20 did this a few weeks ago but I think it went into the on/off cycle more often. Anyway I found the cure; Do a full reset on the TV from the menu (take a not of your settings first) then after the reset unplug the TV for a few minutes & all should be well. I did call out the engineer but I managed to fix it a couple of days before he came out. He confirmed my suspicions though that it was most likely a software corruption. He also advised turning the TV off with the main switch rather than using standby, apparently this "flushes" the memory & should help prevent software corruptions. Hope that helps :)

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