panasonic G20 line!!


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Dear owners of a panasonic G20 model.

I am scared of picking up my 46 inch G20E model. I orderd it already but its in back order so I need to wait some days, maybe weeks?
I hear about floating blacks, phosphor trails, buzzy sounds,.. etc. etc.
This way I am considering to not buy it. I still could cancel it!

Those who have a G20(E/B or what so ever) model are you still happy with your purchase? If you could buy a plasma tv again, would it be the same?

Please if you have a G20 model then please post in this topic something like this (copy it and fill it in please):

I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model
still happy:
Would buy it again:
Floating blacks:
Phosphor trails:
Other issues:

Make the answer as long as you would like it to be.

This way we can see how many people have problems with a G20 model.
THANKS to all!:smashin:
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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model
still happy: (yes or no)
Would buy it again: (yes or no)
Floating blacks: (does it occur yes or no)
Phosphor trails: (does it occur yes or no)
Other issues: (tell us)
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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model: 42" G20

still happy: Yes, only bought it yesterday though

Would buy it again: So far so good, in fact when i first switched it on i was literally amazed. To be fair i had just upgraded from a 21" toshiba CRT that was about 20 years old mind.

Floating blacks: No, or at least i didn't see anything resembling that.

Phospho trails: I watched some of the football on it yesterday and i actually studied the ball to see if i could see these infamous trails....didn't see a thing thankfully. Although as far as i'm aware you're either sensitive to phosphor trails or you're not and if you are you're see them on all plasma sets.

Other issues: I was slightly concerned that the SD content might look a bit shoddy but it looks great. Haven't tried any HD content yet but i can't wait.

Thumbs up so far from me: :smashin:

Remember it's got great reviews, probably one of the best TVs on the market in that price range currently. People always have niggles but this really seems to be a good TV.


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I own a 42G20B
still happy: yes'ish
Would buy it again: (yes or no) - unsure
Floating blacks: (does it occur yes or no) - not checked
Phospho trails: (does it occur yes or no) - yes
Other issues: (tell us) - no buzzing (so not an issue)

Right, early days for me (had it for 6 days) so I can't give a definitive answer. No buzzing, refects light less than me CRT, not brilliant with 30fps games (but then my crt wasn't fantastic with them either) so liveable.

Phosphor trails are bad for me but, a lot of people don't see them and, it sounds like they can improve over time.

If they do improve or go, I would class this as a great TV. Someone who doesn't see trails would probably class it already as a great TV.

I can't suggest either way but I don't think you'll get a better TV for the price.


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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model 42" G20B
still happy: (yes or no) Yes
Would buy it again: (yes or no) Yes
Floating blacks: (does it occur yes or no) Nope
Phosphor trails: (does it occur yes or no) Nope
Other issues: (tell us) Slight banding issue that went after about 100hrs. No buzz, no floating blacks, only issue is it looks so good my wife wont stop using it :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Gaming is great by the way (I play when the wife sleeps :rotfl:)

HD Mania

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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.):42G20E
still happy: (yes or no)yes
Would buy it again: (yes or no)yes of course
Floating blacks: (does it occur yes or no)no
Phosphor trails: (does it occur yes or no)no
Other issues: (tell us)a great tv :smashin:


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I own a 50" G20B
still happy: Very, but only had it for 11 days
Would buy it again: So far, yes
Floating blacks: Have seen nothing
Phosphor trails: Have seen nothing
Other issues: Nope.

My only concerns so far have been worrying that some of the faults on here may appear.:laugh:

My advice is don't cancel and try not to read the fault advice and just get on with watching it as it was designed to be....cracking tv.:smashin:


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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model 42" G20
still happy: (yes or no) Very
Would buy it again: (yes or no) Yes
Floating blacks: (does it occur yes or no) Nope
Phosphor trails: (does it occur yes or no) Nope
Other issues: (tell us) No issues. Put simply this is the best TV picture I have seen. I am not an total enthusiast so I did not look at lots of sets but this one has blown me away. Perhaps some of the infamous issues will be evident through time but honestly I am not looking for them.


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I own a G20B
still happy: Reasonably happy but I'm never satisfied:)
Would buy it again: Nothing in the price bracket comes close, imho, so yes
Floating blacks: Yes, I've seen them on both G20's I've had
Phosphor trails: I know they are there but rarely see them
Other issues: Black Level will rise but by how much and how quickly remains to be seen.


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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model 50" G20B
Still happy: (yes or no) Yes
Would buy it again: (yes or no) Yes*
Floating blacks: (does it occur yes or no) No
Phosphor trails: (does it occur yes or no) No
Other problems: (tell us) My set buzzes like a bee on speed, and I can easily hear this from ten feet away where I sit. It varies in intensity but it's enough to be more than mildly irritating. Also, I now have image retention for the first time ever (had the set two months) after watching the Le Mans 24H on Eurosport last weekend. The Eurosport logo is still visible in the top right of the screen, especially so on white or blue backgrounds. :eek:

*I was contemplating returning the set because of this buzzing as I have 90 days to do so. However, if this IR problem does not go away (and I have no idea how to get rid of it) then I'm afraid this will be a show stopper for me. Performance wise however, the G20 is absolutely outstanding.
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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) G20B
still happy: No
Would buy it again: No
Floating blacks: No
Phosphor trails: No
Other issues: BBBBbbbbZZZZzzzz.. The TV was buzzing, so I returned it for a full refund.. The only buzzing I can hear on my new Sony LCD is the bloody vuvuzelas in SA - luckely that buzzing will go away in 3 weeks time. :D
I didnt try a replacement because this was the second Panasonic Plasma that was buzzing on me, so wanted to try something non-Panasonic and LCD.. I couldnt be happier with my 46EX503 - brilliant picture.

Mr President

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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model: 42" G20 (European)

Still happy: Absolutely

Would buy it again: Absolutely

Floating blacks: Only noticed them a couple of times after 100+ hours of both movies/TV and gaming. A largely overstated issue in my opinion.

Phosphor trails: Noticeable on extremely contrasting edges. I've only really noticed it in games (where I can pan back and forth), while I can't think of an instance that I noticed it in video.

Other issues:

I have an HTPC running Windows, and I've noticed that overly bright images tend to change the contrast/brightness ratio. When I fullscreen an open folder (black letters on filenames on a white background) then the TV compensates for this ratio to (I imagine) preserve the screen from burn in. I think it's basically a reverse effect of the floating blacks issue, and it's something that I've never seen in a movie or game outside of Windows' file explorer. I'd call it a non-issue unless you're using the TV strictly as a computer monitor (which would be silly anyway).

As far as buzzing goes, I haven't heard it at all. I imagine it depends on the power supply so your mileage may vary.

Image retention has also not been an issue for me. I had an extended (6+ hours) gaming session with a fixed HUD while the set was still new and, while I could see a bit of retention on a test pattern, it was invisible during normal use and disappeared from the test patterns after a few hours of normal viewing.

The set is not without its flaws, but I'm very happy with it. After having two LCD sets, it's the best one by far.


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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model 42" G20B

Still happy: Up to now very.

Would buy it again: If it stays as good as this yes.

Floating blacks: Not noticed any yet.

Phosphor trails: Not noticed any.

Other issues: Concerned about possible black level rises in the future. When calibrating Menu gets in the way of the test patterns.
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Pio Nero

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I own a:42G20E :hiya:
Still happy:YES
Would buy it again:YES
Floating blacks:NO
Phosphor trails:NO
Other issues:NO buzzing


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thanks to all so far, but there got to be more!??

More what?

I own a 50G20 B
still happy: yes
Would buy it again: yes
Floating blacks: Not seen them, but I'm not looking to find fault, I watch the picture on the screen and not the black bars.
Phosphor trails: Not seen them
Other issues: It buzzed very loud for a week or so but settled down and now can only hear a slight noise when listening at the back.


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I own a:42G20B
Still happy:YES
Would buy it again:YES
Floating blacks:NO
Phosphor trails:NO
Other issues:Fantastic tv so far but SD performance is shoddy (could be my SKYHD tho as this is the only SD source i have) Also the fabled THX mode produces terrible whites, very over saturated.
For anyone who doesnt agree try putting the footy on when there is a team playing in white - you cant make out any detail on the shirts its just a bright white blob.
Other than that love it!


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I own a G20 (E/B ETC.) model
still happy: YES
Would buy it again: Definitly
Floating blacks: Yes it occurs but I also know how to look for it ;)
Phosphor trails: A bit - but it's not a problem from a normal viewing distances
Other issues: Some of the E-models have been reported to have some unsual buzzing. This is a plasma trade but it shouldn't be problem under normal operation. I dont have this problem.


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I own a P42G20B model
still happy: No
Would buy it again: No
Floating blacks: No
Phosphor trails: No
Other issues: I have image retention from watching Sky Sports News. It's resulted in me being very irritated when watching football as this is when it shows up most - it's a vertical line going down from top of screen to 1/3 from the bottom.

The buzzing is also very noticeable at certain times, usually an ad with bright colours and no noise from the ad/show.

The HD's pretty good but the standard def is much worse than the most basic of CRT televisions.

Dick Emery

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50" G20B
Happy: Unsure. Waivering.
Buy again? Depends on LED LCD or OLED if it ever makes it to market big enough, cheap enough and without it's own set of issues. Probably not if LED LCD overrides some of the faults on plasma's and does not create too many of it's own problems (Backlight bleed, mushy PQ etc).

Floating blacks: Yes. Can be overcome to a degree by pushing contrast way up.
Phospher trails: I see blue and yellowy green flashes when I move my eyes about (which I tend to do when watching video as it's a natural thing we all do to a lesser or greater degree. It's called saccade according to wiki). I see it mostly on high contrast stuff or dark stuff. Sometimes on things like green tennis courts with white lines. White areas on large black expanses are the worse (Windows against dark rooms etc). If you stare you do not see them. But move your eyes a bit and it flashes. Some people do not notice it as it's more of a peripheral effect.

I also have an issue of my G20 crashing sometimes when switching channels and I end up with a blank screen and nothing responding on the remote (But the LED flases on the TV). I have to switch it off and on again. I am going to call Panasonic about this.

I have had it about 3-4 weeks now. Updated to latest 2405 firmware. I don't recall seeing the flashes before the firmware 'upgrade' but that may just be me. It also did not crash before then.

It initially made a high pitched whine that varied depending on the brightness of the screen. This has gone away now after about a weeks use.

Not sure what to do about all of this so am going to call Panasonic and see what they think about it all. If I did not have these issues (I could even live with the floating blacks) it would be a great TV!

EDIT: Oh yeah and the stand is a bit wonky. It probably needs the screws un-tightened, move the display up a bit and then re-tightened. I have it propped up slightly one side with a portable hard disk. It's in continuous record mode (I wonder if that is causing crashing. I must experiment).
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Strange , normaly there are more negative people who report [bore] than positive people , is this a good sign ;) ?
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I owned a:42G20
Still happy:no
Would buy it again:maybe
Floating blacks:NO
Phosphor trails:NO
Other issues: sent it back due to buzzing, i would have another if they could guarentee no buzz but that aint gonna happen is it


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I own a 50" G20 UK model
still happy: Yes very, I love it.
Would buy it again: Absolutely. Plasma isn't perfect but at 50" its a much better option than LCD. Not smeary blurring and a decent price too.
Floating blacks: Not seen any of this.
Phosphor trails: I notice it very rarely or I am used to it now. Either way it isn't an issue at all.
Other issues: I got some image retention which took a month to shift, but it did shift. Just need to be careful with gaming for the first month or so.

I really love my G20, I love it to bits.


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Model: 42" G20

Still happy: No

Would buy it again: No

Floating blacks: Yes - absolutely and incredibly annoying. Happens in every film I'm tried so far - and it's really obvious to me. Worth noting that it's not the black bars fluctuating, but the entire screen's brightness, just like turning a LCD backlight up and down in chunks. Basically, the TV isn't holding its black level - the black levels were very clearly better (and more consistent) on my EX503 LCD on everything but a completely black screen (unless AVC was enabled).

Phosphor trails: Have become more subtle (or I've got more used to them) since I got this TV five days ago. Not a major issue for me.

Other issues:

Very high pitched buzz - out of hearing range for my gf but I can hear it clearly. Reminds me of the sound those Mosquito things make to keep kids away from shops.

Banding - vertical banding is visible in fast pans. Not as bad as my previous EX503 LCD but still very noticeable.

Posterisation - Hadn't seen this effect before getting this plasma. Really annoying and especially noticeable on faces, especially when there is some camera movement.

Motion Handling - lots of judder (and almost double-vision) on pans with 30/25/24hz content.

Daytime Usage - **** poor tbh. The picture looks washed out (and the blacks grey) with any ambient lighting.

Overall, not very happy with the G20 as you can tell. It's not all bad though: The colours are fantastic, the set has the lowest input lag and fastest response I've experienced with gaming since the CRT days, it also handles SD content far better than any LCD. But overall, I just don't think it's for me given the issues stated above.

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