Panasonic G20 Buzzy Sound and bad picture on Freeview


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I saved up for ages to buy the tv of my dreams and settled on the Panosonic G20 46". It seemed ok until I noticed the buzzy noise when I'm watching the tv quietly. And I have to say that it's started to ruin my viewing. I sometimes have to have it on quietly as other members of the family are doing other things and I don't want to disturb them. It says on page 100 of the instruction manual under 'Unusual sound from the TV' that the drive noise may be heard from inside the tv (not a sign of fault operation) I think the heading Unusual noise from the TV says it all. Can't it be switched off if your not using it? If I wanted it on I could switch it on couldn't I? This is what the tech response was: 'Plasma panels, as with any large screen product, can emit a certain degree of operational noise. This is largely due to the high power and switching frequencies at which they work. Such operational noise will be more apparent during quiet periods and especially at night when ambient noise is very low. Normally noise level should not interfere with operation under normal viewing conditions in terms of viewing distance and volume levels. Clearly, without inspection of your particular screen, it is impossible to determine whether it is operating correctly to within specification. I can only recommend, if you are in any way concerned, that you consult with your local service agent' So that means watching a movie quietly that I have to put up with noise. My old tv didn't buzz.

I also have issue with watching the football on Freeview or normal (not HD) tv. It is totally fine in close ups of the players but actual gameplay has a kind of ghostly shadow around the players. This is what their tech said this time Because the G20 model is a full high definition panel (full HD) it shows the
noise on a compressed standard definition transmission such as Freeview. The Full HD panel would show more noise than a HD Ready panel for example, as the
Full HD panel has a higher resolution. This would be beneficial when using a
source in high definition as the Full HD panel should show a better quality

So what I read from that is that if you don't watch it in HD then that is what you'll have to put up with. Not every match was in HD this World Cup and to be honest i went back to my old tv to watch those games. Not quite what I expected when I spent so much money on this so called "great tv".
The problem with the dongle signal always needing connecting is moaned about in a different post.

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The panasonic plasma's do make a buzzing sound on and off depending on the brightness of the picture displayed. All I can say is that you do get used to it after a while. The picture problem is also common as a full HD tv will look worse on SD pictures than HD ready will.
I originally had a G10 and the SD picture was so dissapointing that I changed it for the X10 which is HD ready. The SD pictures are far superior to the G10 and the HD pictures are almost as good, so I was well chuffed, not to mention £300 better off.


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Both of those responses are fair and largely correct.

You absolutely cannot expect Freeview to look great on a television of this size. I can tell you that the SD, certainly for sport, on the G20 is going to be much better than anything else you could have bought. It's not really fair to blame this television for the poor quality of broadcast television.

Regarding buzzing, unfortunately that's something you often have to live with. I still use a CRT TV a lot of the time and that can buzz insanely. Panasonic's advice here is sound, though I would imagine it is probably in spec.

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